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>> glenn: when we return to people of, as online washington said, of merit, things will change. when we unite we will fix and welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on our show? >> christopher hitchins says our president is nothing but a swiss miss. and is president obama getting his groove on while the mideast burns? some say yes, but others say ain't no party like a motown
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party and a motown party can't be rescheduled. and as lovable scam p charlie sheen be called a lovable jerk? >> thank you, andy. >> your het leer hair do is -- your hitler hair do is making me feel ill. >> your face is an omelette of despair. let's welcome our guests. she excites me. i am here with patty m brown. she is so cute that snow angels make outlines of her on the ground when it is snowing. charles pain is back. fox business network and ceo of wall street strategies. he knows picking stocks like i know being in them. and he is a lot like bill shultz, but he is not homeless or infested with six kinds of hepatitis. filling in for my repulsive sidekick is john devore. and next to me, thaddeus mccodder. he released a book called "seize freedom" hope that is
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not a stripper, and i suggest you read the forward because it is fantastic. it is fantastic. , eh. we have no pinch because bill is out and when bill is out pinch is gone too. >> weird. >> i don't know how that works. the secret is out. our kenyan-born president is not kenyan born after all. he is actually swiss. christopher hitchins said the president is keeping swiss time. these days the way a middle eastern dictator knows his time is up is when swiss bankers freeze his assets. and that's the same cue obama looks for as a signal to say he no longer recognizes a dictator's rule. under obama we await development, we urge caution and even restraint. we hope for the formation of an international consensus.
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and there is something contemptible about the way washington has been affecting and helping to bring about american impotence. well, when it comes to libya, he mocks obama's empty speeches knowing that weaker countries had stronger words that qaddafi. he calls for concern over the diplomats pathetic. we need less talking and more action as demonstrated here. >> when a dog wins that easily, you know it is a stupid, stupid sport. >> congressman, good to see you and congratulations on the book. >> congratulationses on the forward too. it is a crowd pleaser. >> i'm sure it is. don't try to evade the question. does he have a point? >> i don't know. in the instance of libby yaw
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targeting, imagine someone else taking qaddafi's place. >> so you are a fan of qaddafi? >> no. >> okay. >> nor are you. you look at can the united states play a constructive role, and i think we could have gone farther and urged the departure of qaddafi more. we could protect the libyan people in conjunction with nato and the other nations. when you look at the other places we are dealing with, you should say more about the green revolution in eye n rai. i believe the -- in iran. i believe the green revolution getting rid of the dictatorship and replacing it with a republican represent togs of their constitutional rights preserved will influence the outcome of the others. he has a point, but not in the case of the over arching problems. -- problems in the middle east. >> that's a coherent answer. and there was not a sing del insult drek -- not a single insult toward me jie. should
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he have been doing more sooner? >> i think so. but here is the problem. the president was engaged -- it was like watching the super bowl with a nonfootball fan. they just wanted to have the winner. who ever was winning, that was their team. go red! wait a minute, the blue team is winning. go blue! it started out and mubarak was not a dictator, but by the time it was over, let's get rid of this guy. i think the best thing to do is wait for the whole thing to be over and then pick the winner. >> this is how i watch movies. i never know who to root for until the end and then i say, i am glad he is dead. john, are we being too hard on our president? >> absolutely. i support his response. it is mature and disciplined. >> i don't think he is joking. >> i am not eek joking. -- i am not joking. >> first of all, isn't this what the conservatives wanted for the democracy to blowup all over the place?
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and in terms of the rhetoric, what is he supposed to do? talk big? talk aggressively? can we afford any other kinds of wars? do we have the money to back up any threats? >> i think it would be nice for him to talk and say something. i think what we pr seeing right now -- >> don't you think americans talk enough? >> no, we don't talk enough. we should be talking all the time. i agree with part of what you say. i feel like obama has set himself up by saying he wants to be a part of the world and not be the leader of the free world. he wanted to be a part of the bigger world. you can see people wondering why we are so reactive. i do understand though, obama has a point. we have people over there. and we don't want a repeat of iran. we don't want hostages. he has to be -- that's the number one thing on his mind, right? >> it has to be on every leader's mind in this situation. the leaders of other nations have managed to take a stand on this. he was very upset that obama said he wants a unanimous,
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international opinion. i agree with obama on that. it has to be unanimous. i don't think the united states of america should take a stand on libya until we hear from guinea. >> absolutely. >> and the other 194 countries. >> i am waiting on trenidad. john go ahead. >> i thought we named members of the coalition of the willing. remember that? >> coalitions do work. >> that would be the one that liberated all of the iraqis and they are now having a democratic constitutional process unlike saddam hussein and headed bipartisan support to do it. >> there you go. from unrest to a music fest. the mideast was on fire and so was the white house dance floor. while the protesters clash, the president held a bash hosting a concert celebrating the music of motown which i believe was a twist on the
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abbreviation of missouri. obama called the music the contract of the civil rights era. it had music that was either black or white. a number of motown greats were there like smokey robinson, stevie wonder and nick jonas. well, he is a brother, a jonas brother. he joiped other stars,-- he joined other stars in a rousing immediately that included "ain't to proud to beg." can we see a clip? >> apologies. that was my birthday barbecue. it wasn't my birthday. i had to lie or they wouldn't come over. can we see the actual performance, please? >> ♪ you got a smile so bright ♪ you know you could have been a candle ♪ ♪ i'm holding you so tight
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♪ you know you could have been a handle ♪ >> he is like an over the hill justin bieber, he really is. i have to go to you because you have written about this. it ticked you off, right? >> it takes me back to when deniro had a nice party. great fire was burning down rome and he was partying with his -- first of all, i have heard care row key bars at 3:00 in the morning that sounded better. at first i thought it was the president and he got better. it is ridiculous. we have the world on fire. we have unemployment and the economy stuck in the mud and 43 million people on food stamps. there is a time to coolout on the party partying and the golfing and presidential. >> i will go to you, john. >> because i'm the token. >> i want them to yell at you and not me. i will say a lot of these
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events are planned in advance. and if you were to alter each event based on something that happens internationally, you couldn't do anything, could you? >> let's help out detroit. let's go domestic. that city needs a self-esteem booth. it is like north new orleans. i hear nothing but post uh poke lip particular stories from there. >> motown records moved away. >> it is the principal that counts. >> my point is? where at any moment at anytime there is a party. at that very same time there is pain, all over the world. that's how the world works. what do you do? >> it is true. you need time for the lighter moments and promoting cultural. i am confused. i admit i am out of it and a mother of a five-year-old. but nick jonas? motown? sheryl crowe? what about glad disnight? i don't think they understand
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genres in music. >> congressman, you are not only from michigan, but you are also a musician. >> and born in detroit. >> you must have strong feelingsabout this, am i right? >> no. we were kind enough, my wife and i, for invited, but she has to burke and then i found out they president do want me to play. i don't know how i would accompany mr. jonas. >> the old motown sound is ignored. it was just serious white trash. iggy, trailer park, high all the time and fantastic. but that's not actually -- that doesn't elevate people. >> you will get that set of invites here. it is not going to happen. >> thank you for smearing the entire generation.
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thank you for that. >> i own every nuggets compilation. i have all of the nc5 albums. i have every iggy pop. >> and some of your best friends are detroiters. >> i wouldn't go that far. i find them repulsive. so mow town was not the only musical bril -- brilliance that came from michigan. don't forget the screaming lemurs. it is called there is a lemur in your hand. the song is about a show dear to its heart, no not ru paul's drag race. it is about "red eye." let's play a little of "there is aly measure in your tv" right now.
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>> ♪ly measure, canemur ♪ can you see me smote. ♪?
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>> not bad, congressman. >> that is the white trash from detroit. >> where can people get this music? >> screaming lemurs .com. >> is there an album coming out at all? >> depends if people like this, we may do it, and we may not just despite them. >> what is the song about? what is the lemur? >> it is about you and your obsession with lemurs. >> i am obsessed with uni corns. it should have been unicorns.
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>> when i read the book you were obsessed with lemurs. you mentioned them four times. have a banana and it will be all better. >> is it just you and a drum machine? >> me and david kahn. but my brother is in it now and we may do some more and may not. should we do the greg-alogue now? going from that to this. to the greg-alogue. it is a sprung kill of sanity on >> it is a sprinkle of sanity on a sunday of stupidity. an advertising company is taking down an anti-abortion billboard in downtown manhattan because it showed a young black girl with a tag line, quote, the most dangerous place for an african-american is in the womb. it was put up by "life always" and calling attention to the tragedy that abortion is out pacing life in the health community. the latest stats show 41% of pregnancies in new york city were aborted in 2009.
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for blacks it is 60%, six out of 10. planned parent today called it an attempt to stigma ties the african-american men and women. some residents felt the billboard was offensive as did the manufacturer of outrage. when the billboard was removed they canceled the protest against the sign. it predicted black women in an unfair way. what exactly is unfair. if significantly more blacks are aborted than white and more are aborted than born shouldn't sharpton ponder that instead? the folks you claim to represent are disappearing. he would like a sober discussion about abortion. but it makes me think, what is it that he depicted and said my choice gave me freedom brought to you by planned parenthood. would sharpton march against that? >> not if there are cameras
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around. if you disagree, you are worse than woodrow wilson. >> charles, was the billboard demonizing? could it have been conveyed better? >> it was too cute. the message is a very important message. recently we had an abortion doctor in philadelphia indicted for seven murders. six were late term babies that were born alive and he broke thar neck. -- their neck. everybody knew what was going. the first thing that hit you was the cat urine because there was cat urine -- >> it is like bill's apartment. >> exactly. you allow that to fester and do nothing and then get upset with this. so many things confuse me from supporting cool teachers where black kids are graduating in new york city and 12% are ready for college and career,
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and i will go out and protest. i should make them more accountable, but there is a knee jerk anger all the time. the sign should have been plainer. the way you explained it should have been the billboard. six out of 10. let's fix that. >> i know the parents weren't happy about that. you sign a picture released. john, i don't think the billboard is as unnerving as the subject. people don't like the subject in a public place. no one wants to discuss it. when we do it on the show it gets i cany. >> yeah, itetts gets like this. it is difficult. i am pro choice, but there is a place -- i guess to have a civil discussion about something that is legal in the case of the billboard and if
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they want to make a point and they want to help inform them and make better decisions and tell them there are other choices, perhaps the big theatrical billboard money can be used for literature or some other way to get the message. >> i just think it was too cute. >> look, the message that women have other choices other than abortion, i think it is a fair message and the billboard seemed dram tech though in the way al sharpton did. >> do you have 20 seconds. >> i am pro life. i don't think any child should be uh boarded. >> -- aborted. >> i know i am going back here, but two words, twanda brawlly. >> everybody forgot about that. i remember the track suits and i remember tawana brawlly and it made me ill. coming up, do bunnies make great throw pillows?
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we discuss that in thaddeus' new book. has charlie sheen lost his mind? no, he is just doing research for a movie called, charlie sheen has lost his mind.
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his meltdown is having a meltdown. charlie is even becoming more gnarly. on thursday the party fiend gave up a back up radio interview where he was listening. he cured alcoholism with his mind and trashed the creator of two -- of "two and a half men" and you know what that means. in the interview sheen lost chuck lori. >> it is nothing this side of
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the certain -- >> he is like my drunk aunt. i don't have a drunk aunt. and then he says this junk.
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>> including naps. and this of course -- >> with him on that. thomas jefferson was a [ bleep]. >> and he said "these people are a bunch of aa nazis. she has already been chastised for referring to him as chaim
3:26 am
levine. or did we just figure it out now. john, i go to you. one hour of charlie sheen is more entertaining than seven years of "two and a half men." >> i am going back and watching it saying this is amazing. he would make a great third world dictator. >> we put him in a multi colored moo-moo. >> qaddafi said those who do not love me do not deserve to live. that's what sheen was saying. it is not going to end well. >> john is right. dilutions of grand jury or persecution complex. he has gone off the deep end. if this is him sober which i am not sure i believe, he was much better off. he is just crazy. >> i love it. >> congressman, do you think for the grace of god, why? seriously, he needs help.
3:27 am
the man is crying out for help. you are seeing his whole life unraffle. his family and the people around him and the people on the set. they canceled the season. he is my age. at some . you cannot continue to sustain that type of violence. >> he is your age, but still looks healthier than you. >> and he works in a healthier environment. >> charles, last word, are you heart broken they canceled the tv show? >> i never watched an episode. i am considering it now. for me, it is long overdue charlie sheen should get his ass whipped. roman polanski is somehow a victim because he de liberated. and alec baldwin, they think they are above everyone and they can continue to treat each other this way. >> you feel strongly about this, and i like that. >> do you have a comment on the show? leave a voice voicemail call
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212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from andy levy, a jerk. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by warming up. the practice in engaging in like practice before a game, contest or more strenuous exercise. thanks, warming up.
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welcome back, let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy.
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big plans this weekend. >> what going on? >> i'm going to england and taking a plane to the town of the singer of radiohead. i plan to sit in the tree outside his old bedroom window. i will remain there for exactly thurt 7 minutes or the length of king of limbs, radiohead's greatest album and i will sob quietly for all of humanity. >> cane make a recommendation? >> yeah. >> last weekend i flew to england and went to the forest where the actual thousand year old oak tree is located. it is a magical place. you can feel the energy when you get there. the amazing part is if you listen to the king of limbs three times under the king of limbs, a miss tau cal vortex opens and you become one with the universe. >> what happened? >> i was con um sod by the spirit of the -- i was consumed by the spirit of the wood and way frolicking with the anymore ofs.
3:33 am
i highly advise it, but get out before midnight. >> what happens? >> if i hadn't tricked the evil giant into listening to cold play i president would be here nowment the foul creature thought it was early radiohead. by the time he realized he was listening to chris martin and the flame of shame consumed his body until he was no more. >> that was a hell of a weekend. >> you have fun this weekend. keep cold play handy just in case. >> i always thought it was a weird lotion. >> i had nothing there. still thinking about that giant and that is nymphs. obama is secretly swiss. congressman, you said it is hard to imagine somebody worse taking control of libya. even say tan? >> no, that would be worse, andy. that would be worse. >> serious point though, congressman, thousands are dead by the hands of their own government. our response has been the equivalent of a sternly worded
3:34 am
letter to the editor. shouldn't we have done something? >> you want to make sure you don't exacerbate the situation. you want to work with your european allies to limit the no fly zones. you do not want to get dragged into a situation where civil war happens voluntarily. >> i will accept the answer. n jo, you said obama's response was mature and disciplined. >> i said it. i know what i said. >> is that what you are looking for in a president? >> toushay. that was a good . i stand by everything i said. >> you said the number one person for us has to be our people on the ground. i don't disagree, wot the white house could have made it clear if anybody happened to our people, quote, he would lose his thrown and perhaps
3:35 am
hayes worth less life. >> it is really a great article. that is one and everybody should read it. c. >> not funny. >> neither aim. >> greg you believe the word motown is a postal abbreviation of a city. motor town is a nickname for the city of cleavland where they leave the world in making motors for the portable fans you put by your face. >> i heard about the motown museum where you can go there and actually see the progression of how they made those tiny hand fans. >> and they have gotten smaller which is cool and lighter and stronger. >> they had the world's smallest fan there. and they show it next to a penny. it is cooling lincoln. >> it looks like they are giant pennies in the bat cave.
3:36 am
>> thank you. thank you very much. motown the record label formed by cleaveland native g gordon liddy. i'm sorry, junior. >> charles, it really bothers you the white house did this? >> before i say that, listening to greg's plans, white guys have the most incredible weekends. i am catching a couple weekend tess boone docks and coming back monday. i don't know how you pull it off. yeah, the white house response does tick me off a little bit. >> really? this was something planned well in advance. they should have canceled it? >> first of all, if you know -- you if you saw what we saw, wouldn't you want to cancel that? i would have made up a crisis. i would have said, we are having a civil war. we need to cancel. >> maybe they should have been prepared with some kind of
3:37 am
response. the thing is i always think within your border there's is a problem. if there was a natural disaster that would be different. >> or 43 million people living on food stamps. >> they are going to go bad. >> that's a good point, but i don't know. >> i'm getting closer. >> think of the serve vents they were employing. there must have been a hundred. >> i don't think we call them servants anymore. >> servers. i meant servers. >> congressman, you said, "my wife and i were kind enough to be invited." >> i have poetry in my finger tips. i will let my resentment go slow. >> and my loyal friends will deal with you. you little wood nymph.
3:38 am
>> greg-alogue and anti-abortion and billboard taken down. >> charlie sheen -- >> i knew you were not going to touch that. no one wants to do stories about abortion ever on "red eye." >> not just on "red eye." >> all shows. it is amazing. >> charlie sheen. >> charlie sheen, you said he is calling out for help and refuses to get help. what are you supposed to do? >> what are we supposed to do, i think we are supposed to stop obsessing about him and hope his family and the others can help him find the treatment he needs. >> the co creator of "lost" wrote a piece in in" the times" say they don't want sheen to get better. they want, quote, fresh salacious content. he is talking about you, does president he? >> i do agree with the congressman. i want charlie sheen so get better. >> no.
3:39 am
>> the crisis of sheen is not mine. i hope he gets better. >> the worst part is it has ruined navy seals for me. >> hard to watch. and what about "lieu --" lucus". >> navy seals has the great michael beam. >> what happened to him? >> he is still around. i think we need a buddy comedy with charlie sheen and mel gibson. two guys pretend to be jewish to get the apartment they want. >> i like that. >> that's my pitch. >> that's a good pitch. >> i'm done. >> did you really just do that? >> i sure did. the phones are really small now. >> i know. >> should have gone like this. >> go away. coming up, steve gutenberg is dead -- set on doing another police academy sequel.
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first, what are these, hot chicks on the beach? yeah, hot chicks on the beach. that will help us with the next story on facebook.
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she wouldn't fly because she wasn't a guy. i speak of an indian flight delayed for 90 minutes. apparently it started when the pilot came on to make the announcement. that's when a mail passenger started to get nervous saying, quote,-- that translates to i don't want to die. she can't take care of the house. how will she take care of the plane? soon after he was booted off the plane and some wonder if his concerns was justified. i believe we have a puck tour of the pilot. now it makes sense. it is amilia earhart.
3:44 am
let's discuss this in -- lightning roooooound lightning round. >> i love how nobody reacted to the amilia earhart picture. she is the only pilot we know. why aren't there more female pilots? >> they are at home cleaning their houses, but apparently not doing a good be jo. >> you will get lots of mail. >> she can't even keep the houseclean. does he know this pilot? >> you travel a lot. i don't see a lot of female pilots. i don't. is that just because i am not paying attention? >> i don't see the pilots anymore. sally wright had to be a pilot -- sally wright had to be a pilot before she was an astronaut. >> that's true.
3:45 am
>> by the way, is keeping a good house a pre week caw sit for being a good pilot? >> i'm sure male pilots are slobs. i watched i dream of genie. i saw their apartment. congressman, in all your travels, have you ever been nervous when you see a female pilot? >> no. >> that's a pretty good answer. john, doesn't it show how cultures are really different from hours? >> isn't it funny how foreign cultures are different. i would pay extra to fly sexy airlines. >> i would too. i think i did that once. >> used to sleep in the above board. next topic. there is a new facebook app that teaches you how to remove your face. it is called waiting room which is also pretty interesting.
3:46 am
it lets you notify a person in a relationship that you have a crush on them. they get a notice that someone is in their, quote, waiting room, and your identity is not revealed until the person changes their stat status to single. pab, bril -- brilliant? >> women should never join a man's waiting room. you don't just hand yourself on a silver platter. >> secondly you don't who it is. >> why is this going to work? >> i have no idea. here is the thing, charles. don't psychologically we all have waiting rooms in your head? i know if high wife were to leave me i am helpless. is there somebody out there? there nobody.
3:47 am
i'm joking about when i was not married. guys have waiting rooms, right? they have a lot of things going on here. some of the waiting rooms -- >> mine aren't. i have like 16 models waiting to date me. >> every guy needs a back up. >> but we are losing the art of communication. i went to a movie and all of the kids were texting each other in the movie theater. what happened to the days when you said, i like you and if you ever break up let me know. >> was that directed at the congressman ?a i tried to slip it in there, but i got busted. >> you guys would make a great couple. >> we could get the mitch meche vote. >> congressman, do you have commentary on anything? you are on facebook all the time. >> never craigslist.
3:48 am
this is nus. you are appealing to the worst in anybody to throw yourself at somebody and to have somebody in love with somebody else know there are people out there. what good comes of this? all right last topic, new recoach suggests flashing a fake smile at work can worsen your mood. congressman, i will go back to you. you don't like smiling, it is clear. why president do you just not try to smile forest of your life and be happy with that. >> a smile on somebody is funny. >> and i wrote that forward. john, you hate smiling, why 1234. >> i hate being here. i love smiling bawivegly they
3:49 am
said you are a dillweed. >> you must force tons of smiles at always of the guys that look at you. >> you forgot the other half which is they say if you can actually make the smile genuine by summoning up positive feelings, it will actually elevate your mood. that's a more happy take away from this. if you fake smile with feeling it can change your mood. >> you are very friendly and is that fake? >> i am mostly a happy go lucky person. it would be great if we walk -- live in a world where you can walk in and flip off your boss. >> i say hello to everyone i run into. >> creepy. >> it is creepy. >> sometimes i go out of my we to say hello.
3:50 am
it is maybe an open mouth kiss. we kill take a break. we have more stuff to show you. don't go anywhere.
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last week i told you how much i enjoyed getting my nails done in a fort made of pillows and i love charity. let's announce the winning bid for a piece of my art work. this is from my imaginary hilled chewed where i am raised by unicorn parents. brian who over erred $1,234.56 for the piece of art has won. con -- congrats. once we receive your check we will give you this piece of art. we gave uh way one for $8,000 yesterday. now to new part i am proud of this piece. i call it manatee contemplating sex with either a unicorn or brynnly. i expect a high bid on this one. e-mail your bed to red eye at fox news .com. all of the money goes to charity. the real message is it is not
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really about charity, but me being awesome. we will close things out with the post game wrap up. go to fox newscom/redeye.
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don't forget you can catch us on saturday at 2:00 a.m. eastern time and 11 p.m. pacific time. return appearances from mike baker. political analyst fox news political analyst, angela mcgowan. jonah goldberg. fine. time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> congressman, tell me about your book. >> it was written by mr. gutfeld and i think you will like it. even as a libertarian you could get it the next decade. >> i won't read it. i >>- q. then can i have the crane i gave you back? >> charles, why not take any
3:59 am
vacations? >> last week we wept on a crude and did the parasaling thing. they dunk you in the water and yank you back out. when they yanked us back out my trunks come of on. you have 10 people in the boat. now they are reeling us into the boat. i can't get the trunks on. out of the 10 people all but one was enough to look the other way. that one guy was like. >> that was bill shultz. that's one of the reasons i don't like vie locations. -- vacations. pib, you are finally on twitter? >> i think they are looking for us to come out and say stupid things and fire us. >> bill shultz still has a job, so that is not true. >> good point. >> how can she follow charles? you are forcing her to talk

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